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Did you know the average grocery store carries more than 40,000 different items? Because they offer so much more than food – from health and beauty products to stationery – grocery stores offer a lot of potential for workday variety within their various departments.

If the idea of being part of a food-related community, in the role of Stock Clerk, Checkout Operator, or Manager appeals to you, check out the job application guides below to find out more.

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Top 5 Job Positions in the Grocery Industry

Checkout Operator

Grocery Store Checkout Operators provide customer service by operating the point-of-sale systems where shoppers pay for their groceries. They are responsible for processing payments, and for maintaining an organized and efficient check-out procedure.

Checkout Operators often work under very busy conditions, while also answering questions and resolving customer complaints. Grocery Store Checkout Operators earn about $13 per hour.

Stock Clerk

Grocery Store Stock Clerks are highly involved with their store’s inventory control. They are responsible for tracking, ordering, unpacking, displaying, and reducing stock as needed.

Stock Clerks also assist with the packaging of groceries for customers, and help shoppers locate the items they’re looking for. A Stock Clerk earns an hourly wage of about $9.50.

Produce Clerk

The Grocery Store Produce Clerk is mainly responsible for the safe handling and attractive display of their store’s fruit and vegetables. They must understand and adhere to the hygiene rules for handling produce at all times.

Produce Clerks also assist customers, clean display areas, and often help with checkout bagging duties. Grocery Store Produce Clerks earn an hourly wage of about $9.70.

Grocery Store Butcher

The Grocery Store Butcher processes and packages the meat, poultry and fish sold in their store. They cut larger carcasses into smaller portions, and weigh, wrap, price, and display both bulk and ready-to-heat meat items.

Store Butchers are responsible for safe food handling, and for assisting customers with special orders. Grocery Store Butchers generally earn about $13.00 per hour.

Grocery Store General Manager

Grocery Store Managers oversee all the operational areas of their stores. They are responsible for hiring and training staff, managing the store’s inventory and cash flow, and usually for supervising a team of separate Department Managers.

Managers also create and implement strategies to improve their store’s financial performance. Grocery Store Managers generally earn an annual salary of about $56,000.

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