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ShopRite Jobs & Careers – Application, How to Apply, Requirements & Interview Tips

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We have set up a Land Your Life guide for JobRite’s job application and hiring process, so you can increase your chances of landing you the right job for you.

ShopRite is a chain of supermarkets located exclusively in the northeastern United States, working to provide low prices and deals to their customers.

The store’s positions are similar to most store retail jobs, with most of the positions focused on customer service and sales.

If you enjoy the grocery store atmosphere and like helping people, then this job is a good fit for you. And, if you are looking to apply to a ShopRite store, there are many opportunities for you.

In this guide, we’ll focus on getting you placed in a ShopRite that is a good fit for you, and we’ll work with you on the application process.

How to Apply for Employment at ShopRite

It is recommended that you apply to ShopRite online. They still allow you to apply in-store at some locations, but most people apply online, because it’s easier.

Their job search website is the same one that other retail stores like Lids use, but there is no overlap between those companies.

Application Information

  • Minimum Age Requirement: You must be at least 16 to work at ShopRite, and since it’s the northeastern part of the US, most states in that area do not allow teenagers under 18 to work anyway.
  • Hours of Operation: Most store are open from 7 AM to 11 PM, seven days a week.
  • Methods to Apply: You should apply online. You can apply in-store, but it’s not recommended as there have been reports that it takes longer and your application can be mishandled.

When you go to apply on their job website, you can search by location or by job. It depends on whether or not you’re picky as what position you end up in, or if you just want to see which positions your local store has open.

Electronic Consent

After you select a job and a location, they will ask you if you are comfortable giving electronic consent. Electronic consent just means that they are going to ask you to electronically “sign” some forms and papers by typing in your signature.

This is merely a measure to keep you from suing them later if things don’t work out. That’s a fairly normal practice, but you have several options.

If you want to make sure you understand everything, go into the store and ask for a “FCRA consent form” and the store employees will provide that to you, explain it at length, and scan it in when you are done. Then you can select the option that you filled out the form in person when you go to apply.

If that doesn’t bother you, you can go ahead and provide electronic consent.

Application Tips

shoprite job application
You will be required to create an account to apply on the GetRite website. If you do not wish to create an account, go apply in the store and request a paper application form.

They ask you to provide your Social Security number so that they can perform a background check and to see if you have applied and/or worked at a GetRite store before. That’s standard practice in the retail industry.

Apply With Your LinkedIn Profile

You can apply using your LinkedIn profile, if you have one. Just start the application process like normal, and then when given the option on the “Attach a Resume” page, sign in with your LinkedIn page instead.

This will allow them to copy all of your previous work history and other information from your LinkedIn page to fill out your application. .

Should You Follow Up?

Once you have applied online, you can log back into the Careers website and check on the status of your application. If you applied in the store, you’ll need to go back to the store a few days later and check, or call the store and ask to talk to the manager.

Keep in mind that not all managers appreciate being asked about an application status and will not always tell you anything over the phone.

Positions and Salary Information

Since it’s a standard retail store, it offers many retail positions, and most of these retail positions are customer service related. There are not many management opportunities, and there is a lot of competition to move up in the company, so it’s got a pretty flat management structure.

  • Appy/Deli Clerk – Maintains a high level of customer service, while assisting the Deli Manager in providing the customer the products they need. $9/hr.*
  • Bagger – Works at the end of the check-out line and bags the customer’s items and carries the bags to the customer’s car if requested. $7/hr.
  • Baker – Cooks breads and other baked goods according to the standard menu of the store. $12/hr.
  • Bakery Clerk – Works with the baker to make, stock and sell the bakery items. $9/hr.
  • Cashier – Runs the cash register and makes POS purchases. $8/hr.
  • Customer Service Associate/Carts Clerk – Answers customer questions and carries products to the customer’s car and returns carts to the cart enclosure. $8/hr.
  • Customer Service/Courtesy Counter Clerk – Answers customer questions and assists them in finding products. $8/hr.
  • Dairy Clerk – Maintains a high level of customer service, while serving the customers in finding the dairy items they need.
  • Driver – Picks up stock from distribution centers and delivers to store. $10/hr.
  • Floral Clerk – Creates and maintains floral arrangements and helps customers pick out flowers. $9/hr.
  • Food Service Clerk – Runs the food service counter if there is one in the store. $9/hr.
  • Front End Runner – Provides support for the Bagger and the Cashier positions. $9/hr.
  • Frozen Foods Clerk – Maintains the frozen foods section of the store and helps customers find the products they are looking for. $9/hr.
  • Grocery Clerk – Maintains the stock of the grocery area of the store. $9/hr.
  • Health and Beauty Clerk – Works in the makeup and pharmacy area of the store, maintaining the stock and answering questions. $9/hr.
  • Liquor Clerk – Runs the liquor section of the store, checks IDs. $9/hr.
  • LiveRight Clerk – Helps the customer make informed and healthy decisions about what grocery items to purchase. $9/hr.
  • Loss Prevention – Watches for shoplifters. $10/hr.
  • Maintenance – Keeps the store clean and running well. $9/hr.
  • Meat Cleanup Clerk – Keeps the meat counter clean and well-stocked. $9/hr.
  • Meat Cutter Clerk – Provides cuts of meats as directed by the customer. $9/hr.
  • Meat Wrapper Clerk – Wraps up and weighs the meat products requested by the customer. $9/hr.
  • Night Crew Clerk – Keeps the store clean and running late at night, and restocks store after hours. $10/hr.
  • NonFoods Clerk – Works with the non-food items at the store, helps maintain the stock. $9/hr.
  • Pharmacist – Works with Pharmacy Clerk and Pharmacy Technician to fill orders for customers, and provide pharmacy advice as requested. $18/hr.
  • Pharmacy Clerk – Works with Pharmacist to maintain the medicine stock, and checks out customers’ orders. $9/hr.
  • Pharmacy Technician – Focuses on filling pharmacy orders for customers. $11/hr.
  • Produce Clerk – Maintains the produce section and keeps the stock up as needed. $9/hr.
  • Receiver – Takes merchandise from driver and stocks it in the back warehouse and orders more merchandise if any is running low. $11/hr.
  • Salad Bar Clerk – Runs the salad bar and keeps the area clean. $9/hr.
  • Scanning Clerk – Scans items in store periodically and makes sure the store’s prices are in line with that of other ShopRite stores. $9/hr.
  • Scrunchy Attendant – Runs the Playhouse, the kids area of the store. $10/hr.
  • Seafood Clerk – Runs the seafood counter in the deli area, providing seafood products as requested by customers. $9/hr.
  • Shop from Home Clerk – Takes orders from the website, picks up the items and checks out the items for delivery to the customer. $9/hr.

* ShopRite does not list their salaries on their website. These figures are taken from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and averages.

Best Entry-Level Positions

The best entry-level positions, according to the various job rating websites, are the ones that do not require you to work hands-on with various food items, but instead, allow you to work with customers and provide information.


The bagger position is an easy one, as all you do is bag groceries.


This is the standard checkout position, but is a great entry-level position for new workers.

Front End Runner

This position is perfect for someone who likes to be mobile.

One second you’ll be checking someone out in Aisle 12, and the next you’ll be helping someone carry out their groceries to their car.

Search for Another Job

Customer Service Associate/Carts Clerk

This means you’ll be outside a lot during the day, which could be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on the time of year.

Your primary job is to retrieve carts and to answer customer questions.

Bakery Clerk

The bakery clerk is perfect for anyone who likes to spend their days around baked goods.

This position primarily provides support for the baker.

Floral Clerk

The floral clerk makes flower arrangements based on store recommendations, but has some freedom to build arrangements as they want.

ShopRite Careers in Management

shoprite careers
There are the typical store management retail positions at ShopRite, with little possibility for advancement unless someone steps down or is fired.

Assistant Store Manager

Runs the store, provides reports to the Store Manager.

Keeps the store running smoothly by working with the customers and the employees to solve disputes.

Store Manager

Runs the store by implementing new policies and retiring old ones as necessary.

Hires new employees and disciplines employees according to the recommendation of the Shift Manager and/or the Assistant Store Manager.

Interview Tips & Possible Interview Questions

ShopRite is really big into two things: Community Service and keeping prices consistent. So, when you go in to interview, focus on any community service that you have done in the past and see if you can work that into the conversation, alongside any community service you have seen ShopRite doing over the years.

Dress nicely, but don’t overdress, as this is a retail location. It’s a fairly informal location, but don’t go in wearing shorts and a T-shirt.

Be Read To Back Up Your Skills

Make sure you’re prepared to answers that relate to the field you’re wanting to work in, and that you can prove your skills in that area. If you’re applying to be the Floral clerk, for example, they might expect you to prove your knowledge of that position by creating a floral arrangement right then and there.

Where Do You See Yourself In Five Years?

Be honest, and let them know if this is a temporary job for you.

But if you want to work there long-term, let them know you’d like to be in management in that period of time.

Any Volunteer Experience?

This goes back to their love for community service.

Tell a story about a time that you’ve helped out your family, friends, or community, and keep it short but thorough.

What Is Your Best Trait?

Give this question a little thought, but answer honestly.

Don’t focus on physical traits, but instead talk about how you have been told you’re observant, or kind, or work quickly.

Helpful Research for Your ShopRite Interview

ShopRite was started as an idea to keep reasonable and consistent prices for wholesale goods.

Del Monte Foods came up with the idea to build a cooperative retail system where a chain of stores focuses on keeping the same prices in multiple areas. Seven local grocery stores agreed to the idea, and in 1951, ShopRite was created.

  • ShopRite’s distribution company, WakeFern Food Corporation, owns the most ShopRite stores and is the biggest affiliate in the cooperative.
  • ShopRite is the largest retailer of grocery items in Greater Philadelphia.

What Employees Say About Working At ShopRite

Most employees seem to enjoy working at ShopRite as a first job out of high school or college.

The biggest positive is that you can have very flexible hours, which is great for students.

The biggest negative is that you don’t have hardly any room for advancement, as the management structure is very flat.

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