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Save Mart Careers & Jobs – Application, How to Apply, Requirements & Interview Tips

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If you’re in search of a promising career with a company that focuses on empowering its associates, while giving back to the community as well, then you’re in luck because a Save Mart career is offering exactly that and more!

Save Mart began operating in California in 1952 as a small supermarket, but with big ideas.

With the right innovative and consumer friendly mind-set, it expanded into a world-famous grocery store, under the brand ‘Save Mart Companies’.

These stores are located primarily in San Francisco & California, and have over 200 stores in operation. They house over 14,000 employees and are very vocal about their social responsibility program.

Offering generous benefits, an interactive employee portal, educational opportunities, and fun events, a career at Save Mart is for sure not to be overlooked. Read ahead to find out the details and procedure to get a job and prepare a Save Mart application.

Save Mart Jobs and Careers

While Save Mart is primarily a grocery store chain, they offer employment in multiple categories like corporate, retail, pharmacy, and warehouse. 

To apply for a job in any of these areas submit an online application, by going to Save Mart’s website and open the career page. 

Here, you have to choose the category you wish to apply in, make a user profile for yourself and submit application. Every job post you open will have complete information about the requirements and eligibility for the job.

Save Mart offers a variety of jobs in both managerial and non-managerial positions. Some of the most popular non-managerial jobs are:


One of the most sought after entry-level position at Save Mart is the cashier. The requirements for the employees are that they should be detail-oriented, have excellent work ethic, prioritize the customers, and have excellent time management skills.

The responsibilities of a cashier include but are not limited to greeting and interacting with customers in a friendly manner, answering customer questions promptly, have excellent understanding of quality of products, inspections, and permit renewals as well as be able to process cash and credit payments efficiently, in a timely manner.

The average pay for a cashier at Save Mart is approximately $9.58/per hour.

Bakery Clerk

Bakery clerk works behind the bakery counter, attending to customers. The primary duties of a bakery clerk at Save Mart are understanding the needs of the customers, and preparing baked goods. These clerks may also be required to inventory items and stocking baking items.

The average pay for this entry-level job is around $12.50 an hour or $20,000 per year.

Service Clerk

This entry-level job requires amazing interactive skills, sharp attention to customer needs, and ability to manage stress well. 

The key responsibilities of a service clerk at Save Mart include providing customer service, managing customer complaints and resolving conflicts, maintaining the cash register, and guiding and assisting the customers.

The average pay for a service clerk at Save Mart is around $10.31 per hour.

Service technician

One of the most popular entry-level jobs, specifically for people with little to no job experience. 

The responsibilities of a service technician include bagging groceries, assisting customers, collecting and arranging shopping carts, and sweeping and maintaining the cleanliness of the store.

The average pay for a service technician at Save Mart is around $9.56 per hour.

Meat cutter

The requirements for this entry-level job are that meat should be cut according to the specific size and trim standards, wrapping and weighing meat, preparing cuts for display, and following the store protocols.

The average pay for a meat cutter at Save Mart is around $24,280 per year

Managerial Jobs

There are many administrative jobs at Save Mart, which can be applied to. Some of these are:

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  1. Store Manager: The duties of a store manager include overseeing all the employees of the store, resolving any conflicts or problems within the store, assisting customers, have sufficient knowledge of the store operations and making sure the store runs smoothly. This is not an entry-level position and requires both a college degree, and work experience.
  2. Assistant Store Manager: Similar to the responsibilities of a store manager, the assistant store manager must assist the store manager and make sure the day-to-day operations of the store run efficiently.

You will be the acting manager in the absence of the store manager, have ample knowledge of store operations, and demonstrate good leadership skills. This position also requires a college degree and work experience.

How Much Does Save Mart Pay?

Save Mart offers slightly less pay, but their generous benefits and work environment do make up for that.

  • Grocery Associate: $12.17 per hour       
  • Retail Assistant Manager: $29,917
  • Cashier: $9.58 per hour  
  • Bakery Clerk: $20,864 per year 
  • Deli Associate: $10.54 per hour 
  • Service Technician: $9.56 per hour

Save Mart is known to offer some of the best benefits and perks when compared to other supermarket chains. 

This benefits package includes health, dental, life insurance, and much more. In addition, there’s also an all-employee event on Fridays, and employee portal and educational opportunities. 

How old do you have to be to work at Save Mart?

To apply for any job at Save Mart, you have to be at least 16 years old

This is mainly for store jobs like cashier, bagger or service clerk. 

To apply for any distribution job at Save Mart, you have to be at least 18 years old.

Does Save Mart drug test?

Yes, Save Mart does drug test. 

This is an on-site ‘saliva test’ for prospective employees, who have passed the interview stage.

Does Save Mart do Background Checks?

Yes, after the drug test, you may receive a call for background check/screening

This is normally a mandatory step in the hiring process of the company.

Potential Save Mart Interview Questions

For the people whose resumes or applications get approved, they are called in for an interview for the job. 

This is the most crucial stage of the hiring process and people applying for the job should be careful in how they prepare for these. 

The following are questions which may be asked during the interview:

Why do you want to work for Save Mart?

Research the company well. Talk about their goals, vision, customer service, and how you would like to and would be able to add to that.

We are open weekends, holidays, and evenings, are you able to commit to these hours?

Be flexible and accommodative in your answer. 

The more eager you will appear to work, the higher the chances of you getting hired. But, also be completely honest and don’t make false promises, mention if you have any commitments and what days, hours or durations you cannot work for whatever reason.

How do you think a customer service representative can ensure that the customers’ demand is put first?

Talk about how you realize that Save Mart’s first priority are the customers, and mention that you wish to join Save Mart’s path on ensuring excellent customer service. Discuss with the interviewer further about how you could work on this.

Save Mart’s Hiring Process

The hiring process at Save Mart involves applying for the job, either online or by going in person to any Save Mart’s store. 

It can take two days to a week for you to receive a call for an interview. If the interview goes successfully, being called in for a drug test and background check. After a possible group interview, you may receive an offer for the job.

In total, the hiring process at Save Mart takes around two weeks on average.

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