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Did you know that the selling of fashion apparel like clothing, accessories and footwear is a multi-billion dollar industry?

If you have an eye for fashion, and a desire to work around designer and name-brand apparel, consider these jobs that span the spectrum from fashion sales associate, to fashion sales representative.

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Top 5 Job Positions in the Fashion Industry

Fashion Sales Associate

Fashion Sales Associates get to pass along their super fashion sense to others, and are mainly responsible for assisting and advising retail store customers with their apparel and accessory choices.

Associate duties can also include running a cash register to process sales, keeping store stock organized, and unpacking new inventory. Fashion Sales Associates generally earn between $10-11 per hour.

Fashion Retail Store Manager

Fashion Retail Store Managers are responsible for opening and closing their store each day, and for everything that happens in between. They schedule employee shifts, deal with customer service issues, and prepare bank deposits.

Managers also help out on the sales floor when necessary, and oversee the duties of their Sales Associates. Fashion Retail Store Managers earn an annual salary of about $41,000.

Fashion Visual Merchandiser

The Fashion Visual Merchandiser is the creative mind behind the vision, planning, and set up of a retail store’s displays, including its windows. Because their job involves a lot of organizing and arranging of merchandise, they generally work outside of store hours.

Merchandisers are also responsible for creating floor plans that will effectively showcase and sell a store’s products. Fashion Visual Merchandisers earn an annual salary of about $30,000.

Fashion Merchandise Buyer

A Fashion Merchandise Buyer basically works as a shopper on behalf of their retail store employer. They interact with clothing manufacturers and wholesalers, and attend fashion trade shows to stay on top of what’s currently trending.

The Buyer is responsible for making all the decisions related to which clothing, shoes and fashion accessories their retailer should carry. Fashion Merchandise Buyers average an annual salary of about $70,000.

Fashion Sales Representative

The Fashion Sales Representative is often the person interacting with the Fashion Merchandise Buyer. Their job is to sell their company’s fashion products to retail stores and boutiques.

Sales Representatives deal with product samples and orders, arrange sales events, and spend a lot of time traveling and talking with customers. Fashion Sales Representatives can earn an annual salary of about $60,000 a year, but often work partly on commission.

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