Pizza Shop Jobs

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With 250 million pounds of pepperoni being consumed on more than 3 billion pizzas every year, jobs in the pizza industry aren’t going anywhere, anytime soon. If you like eating pizza, you might just enjoy helping others eat it, too!

With positions ranging from Pizza Maker to Food Service Delivery Driver, there are lots of ways to get involved with one of America’s favorite foods. Check out the job application guides below to find out more.

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Pizza Shop Jobs

Top 5 Job Positions in the Pizza Industry

Pizza Maker

A Pizza Maker prepares and bakes pizzas for customer pick-up and delivery. They are responsible for preparing dough and assembling toppings in keeping with their shop’s specific pizza recipes.

Pizza Makers must adhere to strict safety regulations for the operation of pizza ovens, and for handling and preparing food.  Pizza Makers generally earn about $9 per hour.

Pizza Delivery Driver

The Pizza Delivery Driver is responsible for delivering pizzas to customers using their own vehicle. They need to be very familiar with their delivery area, so they can deliver orders quickly, while driving safely.

Delivery Drivers are also responsible for collecting cash and credit card payments from customers when they drop off orders. Pizza Delivery Drivers earn an hourly wage of about $8, but often make more in tips.

Cashier or Counter Help

The Pizza Shop Cashier or Counter Help takes pizza orders in person and over the phone. They are responsible for ensuring orders are correct before and after preparation, and for processing customer payments.

Cashiers and Counter Help may also be required to box up pizza orders, and keep supplies stocked for the pizza makers. Cashiers and Counter Help earn about $8-9 per hour.

Pizza Shop Manager

The Manager of a Pizza Shop is responsible for a wide range of daily operations. They hire, schedule and train staff, track inventory, and order and receive food and other supplies.

The Shop Manager is ultimately responsible for customer service and for ensuring that employees follow health and safety regulations. The Pizza Shop Manager earns an average annual salary of about $32,000.

Food Service Delivery Driver

The Food Service Delivery Driver delivers food ingredients used by pizza shops to make their pizzas. They must have an appropriate driver’s license, and are responsible for ensuring both their vehicles and their driving habits are safe.

The Delivery Driver must be capable of moving heavy loads, and is responsible for collecting proof of delivery from customers. Food Service Delivery Drivers earn about $56,000 per year.

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