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Did you know it takes about 42 gallons of crude oil to produce only 19 gallons of gasoline? But with everything from fast food to car wash services, today’s gas stations provide far more than just fuel.

The gas station industry offers job prospects like Service Attendant, Food Preparation Worker, and Gas Station Supervisor. You can learn more about these and other opportunities by browsing through the job application guides below.

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Top 5 Job Positions in the Gas Station Industry

Gas Station Attendant

Gas Station Attendants generally find work at full-service gas stations. Their main duty is to fill customers’ gas tanks, but they may also be required to clean windshields, check fluid levels, dispose of trash, and process payments.

Station Attendants often perform their duties outside, in all types of weather. Gas Station Attendants earn an average hourly wage of $9-10.

Gas Station Cashier

The Gas Station Cashier is mainly responsible for processing payments for customer fuel purchases, lottery tickets, and food items. They are usually required to calculate their sales and payments at the end of their shift.

Cashier duties can also include ordering inventory, and keeping store shelves stocked. Gas Station Cashiers earn an average hourly wage of about $9.

Food Preparation Worker

Many Gas Stations sell prepared foods, and the Food Preparation Worker is mainly responsible for the preparation, packaging, storing, and heating of various ready-to-eat food items. They must be certified to adhere to proper food storage and preparation regulations.

Food Prep Workers are also required keep their equipment and work areas clean. Gas Station Food Preparation Workers earn an average hourly wage of about $9.

Gas Station Supervisor

The Gas Station Supervisor oversees all the employees and facilities of their stations. They hire, train and schedule staff, order store inventory, make sure services such as car washes are maintained, and manage the delivery of fuel.

Supervisors also often prepare and maintain budgets. Gas Station Supervisors earn an annual salary of about $34,000.

Fuel Delivery Driver

Fuel Delivery Drivers are specialized truck drivers who are licensed to haul and deliver gas, diesel, and propane. They are responsible for the safe transport of these combustible fuels to their final destinations, including gas stations.

Fuel Truck Driver duties include hooking up trailer attachments and inspecting their trucks for safe operation. Fuel Delivery Drivers earn an annual salary of about $40,000-50,000.

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