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Did you know that two out of every five American employers currently hires temporary workers? An ever-growing number of employees are making temporary positions their full-time occupation.

If you like the idea of a flexible work life that offers great potential for variety, consider working as a Grounds Maintenance Worker, Chauffeur, or Substitute Teacher. Simply browse through the job application guides below to find out more about opportunities in the versatile Temp Industry.

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Temp Service Jobs

Top 5 Job Positions in the Temp Industry

Substitute Teacher

Substitute Teachers replace permanent school teachers on a short-term basis. They maintain structure and order in the regular teacher’s absence by efficiently carrying out assigned lesson plans and being firm but patient with students.

Subs may apply to be on the roster of several schools at once, may be required to teach any grade, and are often called in on very short notice. Substitute Teachers usually earn an hourly wage of about $13.

Grounds Maintenance Worker

Grounds Maintenance and Landscaping Workers maintain the grounds for various residential and commercial clients. They plant and care for gardens, trim hedges and shrubs, rake leaves, mow lawns, and clear snow.

Groundskeepers may work at athletic fields, golf courses, or parks, and may maintain walkways and parking lots. Grounds Maintenance Workers earn about $12 per hour.

Taxi Driver or Chauffeur

Taxi Drivers and Chauffeurs are responsible for driving paying customers wherever they need to go. They must know their way around their local area, be familiar with the locations of common destinations and emergency facilities, and drive safely while monitoring traffic conditions.

Drivers are required to know the regulations governing where they can pick up passengers, and how much they can charge. Taxi Drivers and Chauffeurs usually earn an average hourly wage of $11.

Construction Laborer

Construction Laborers assist with basic physical chores on a construction site. They help to prepare sites and clean up after construction is completed, haul tools and building materials, and install traffic markers and barricades.

Laborers must have the ability to learn quickly and remain alert to danger, since they often receive their training on the job. Construction Laborers can earn an hourly wage of about $16.

Secretary or Administrative Assistant

Administrative Assistants are responsible for a variety of clerical duties in an office setting. They may schedule appointments, prepare and file reports and spreadsheets, manage databases, and operate various types of office equipment such as fax machines.

Secretaries may also be required to track and order office supplies, and process mail and courier shipments. Administrative Assistants usually earn about $16 per hour.