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With an average of 88 million international visitors to the United States every year, there’s never a dull moment in the hotel industry. If you enjoy customer service, and being part of a dynamic environment, working as a hotel team member might be a good fit for you.

Jobs in travel accommodation include manning the front desk, managing the hotel, and everything in between. Browse the job application guides below to find out more.

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Hotel Jobs

Top 5 Job Positions in the Hotel Industry

Front Desk Clerk

The Front Desk Clerk is responsible for giving the best first impression possible for their hotel. They greet guests professionally, answer questions and address complaints, and check guests in and out of the hotel.

Front Desk Clerk duties include verifying the identification of hotel guests, and processing their room payments. Hotel Front Desk Clerks earn an average annual salary of about $22,000.


The Bellman or Bellboy’s job is mainly to assist hotel guests with their luggage. They help guests find their rooms, transport their luggage, and show them how to find and operate guestroom lighting and locks.

Bellmen are often also responsible for keeping the hotel lobby clean and tidy. The Hotel Bellman earns about $20,000 a year, but they often receive more in tips.

Guestroom Housekeeper

The Housekeeper is responsible for the daily cleaning of guest rooms. They must work quickly, but thoroughly to dust, vacuum, empty trash, change bedding and towels, and clean bathrooms in a large number of assigned rooms each day.

Housekeepers have little interaction with hotel guests, except to keep their rooms looking exactly as they did upon arrival. Guestroom Housekeepers generally earn about $22,000 a year.

Hotel Concierge

The Hotel Concierge is basically responsible for assisting hotel guests with whatever they might need. Most often, this involves advising them on local attractions, restaurants, and events.

The Concierge may also help guests to arrange transportation and other services, such as laundry or dry-cleaning. The Hotel Concierge earns an average annual salary of about $30,000.

Hotel Manager

The Manager of a hotel is responsible for a wide variety of duties and staff, depending on the nature of the accommodation. They have to coordinate front desk duties, cleaning staff, and general building maintenance, while ensuring guests are being looked after.

Hotel Managers are also responsible for hiring and training staff, and for creating financial budgets. The Hotel Manager can expect to earn an annual salary of about $56,000.