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The fast food industry is one of the best places to find a fast track to promotion. Fast food restaurants are always on the look-out for motivated individuals to move up the rungs of their employment ladders.

It may be only a short leap from front counter cashier to shift manager, and on to general manager at your favorite fast food eatery. Find out more about getting ahead quickly with fast food, by browsing the job application guides below.

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Fast Food Restaurants

Top 5 Job Positions in the Fast Food Industry

Front Counter Cashier

Fast Food Cashiers take food orders and process customer payments. They need to have basic math skills, and be comfortable learning to use a cash register for various payment methods.

Cashiers are required to be on their feet for long periods of time, and must be polite and courteous, since they deal directly with customers. Fast Food Cashiers generally average $8-9 per hour.

Front Counter Help

Fast Food Counter Help is a support position with a variety of duties. Counter Help is mainly responsible for putting together food orders, and checking them for accuracy before giving them to the Cashier.

Additional Counter Help duties can include refilling condiments and cutlery, and cleaning off tables.  Fast Food Counter Help earns about $8-9 per hour.

Prep or Grill Cook

Fast Food Cooks are responsible for various stages of food preparation. They operate a variety of kitchen tools and equipment, including fryers, grills, broilers, and ovens.

Cooks generally require a safe food handling certificate, and must adhere to strict rules for the storage and preparation of all foods. Fast Food Grill Cooks earn about $8-9 per hour.

Assistant or Shift Manager

The Fast Food Assistant Manager is responsible for overseeing the duties of the food preparation and front counter staff. They must be familiar with all of the duties they supervise, to ensure smooth and consistent job performance.

Assistant Managers are sometimes also required to jump in and help out when their staff gets busy. Fast Food Assistant Managers can earn an average salary of about $30,000, but may be required to work long hours.

Restaurant Manager

Fast Food Restaurant Managers supervise all the daily operations of their restaurant. They hire, train, and schedule staff, deal with personnel issues, and order food and supplies.

Managers are often involved in marketing plans, as well as restaurant finances and payroll. Fast Food Managers earn an average salary of about $30,000-$40,000, but often work long hours.

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