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A full half of American adults have worked in the restaurant and food service industry. As the country’s second-largest private employer, there are lots of jobs to go around.

If you want to break from the 9-5 routine, and work a variety of shifts preparing or serving food or beverages to hungry customers, this may be the industry for you.

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Top 5 Job Positions in the Restaurant Industry

Host or Hostess

The Restaurant Host or Hostess requires good organizational ability, particularly in busier establishments. They are responsible for making the best use of the restaurant’s limited seating availability in order to maximize diner enjoyment and customer turnover.

Hosts and Hostesses help their restaurant to make a good first impression as they greet and seat customers. Hosts and Hostesses earn an hourly wage of about $9-9.50, and usually share in the Servers’ tips.

Food and Beverage Server

Food and Beverage Servers are on the front line of every restaurant establishment. They deal directly with customers, and are mainly responsible for taking, relaying, and serving meal orders in a timely fashion.

Restaurant Server duties include memorizing menus, collecting payment, and keeping tabs on their customers’ dining needs. Food and Beverage Servers generally earn an hourly wage of about $9-10.50, but usually make more than this in tips.


Restaurant Bartenders work in conjunction with Servers, mixing and preparing alcoholic beverages for dining area customers. They are also responsible for taking and serving drink orders within their own lounge area.

Bartenders also often order liquor and bar supplies, and are responsible for verifying the legal drinking age of their customers. Bartenders generally earn about $9.50-11.50 per hour, which is always complemented by tips.

Chef or Cook

Restaurant Chefs and Cooks carry the responsibility of the restaurant’s food quality on their shoulders. Depending on the establishment, they may be responsible for menu selection, kitchen operations, and food preparation and presentation.

Chefs may work as part of a team in bigger restaurants, or as a single line cook in smaller eateries. For this reason, Chef and Cook annual salaries range widely from about $23,000 to $43,000.

Restaurant Manager

Restaurant Managers oversee a wide variety of operational areas. They hire and train employees, order supplies, schedule staff, and often manage menus and budgets.

Managers are also responsible for ensuring that their restaurant meets licensing, hygiene, and safety legislation. Restaurant Managers earn annual salaries of about $54,000.

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