Movie Theater Jobs

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As a cornerstone of the entertainment industry, movie theater revenues continue to grow, with well over a billion tickets sold across North America every year!

You’re sure to find your starring role in the movie theater industry, when you choose from a variety of positions that include Box Office Cashier, Film Projectionist, and Usher. Just browse through the job application guides below to find out how you can get one step closer to Hollywood.

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Movie Theater Jobs

Top 5 Job Positions in the Movie Theater Industry

Film Projectionist

A Film Projectionist operates the film projector and sound equipment for a movie theater. They inspect 35mm films for dirt or damage, thread and load film spools into the projector, monitor equipment for potential problems, and sometimes change lenses during 3D movies.

Projectionists generally work alone, and are responsible for cleaning, maintaining and repairing all of their equipment. Film Projectionists usually make about $23,000 per year.


Movie Ushers are responsible for a wide variety of theater duties. They greet guests, check and validate tickets, clean and maintain auditoriums and restrooms, and help customers locate theaters and seating.

Ushers may also be required to change movie posters and signage, monitor audiences for age-restricted films, and resolve disruptive customer behavior. Ushers usually earn an hourly wage of about $9.

Ticket Seller or Cashier

Cashiers work in a box office and offer front-line customer service to guests at movie theaters. They greet customers, print tickets, answer questions about film content and show times, and operate cash registers for ticket sales.

Ticket Sellers must have excellent communication skills, and be familiar with theater policies and customer loyalty and marketing programs. Cashiers and Ticket Sellers earn an average hourly wage of $9.

Concession Counter Attendant

Concession Counter Attendants prepare and serve various snack items to movie theater customers. They greet guests, assemble food orders, operate point-of-sale terminals and make accurate change, often under very busy conditions.

Counter Attendants are also responsible for keeping food items stocked, and counters, equipment and condiment areas clean. Concession Counter Attendants generally earn about $8 per hour.

Movie Theater Manager

The Manager of a Movie Theater oversees all daily operations. They hire and train staff, schedule work shifts, oversee building maintenance duties, and ensure excellent customer service.

Managers are also involved in inventory control, cash receipts, budgeting, marketing plans, and promotional programs. Movie Theater Managers often earn an annual salary of about $37,000.