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Did you know that the department store dates all the way back to France in the 1850’s? Today, you can join the more than 1.5 million people who work as a part of that continuing history.

Department stores offer a wide variety of goods, and just as many types of jobs, from Stock Associates to Customer Service Representatives. Browse through the Land Your Life job application guides below to learn more about working in the department store industry.

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Department Stores

Top 5 Job Positions in the Department Store Industry


Department Store Cashiers can have a variety of duties and responsibilities, but their main job is to process payments and bag up customer purchases. Their job includes the memorization of store return policies, and how to process checks, debit and credit cards.

In some Department Stores, Cashiers also handle customer service tasks like answering phones and processing returns. Department Store Cashiers earn an average hourly wage of $9-10.

Stock Associate

Department Store Stock Associates typically receive and store goods for resale, and keep store shelves stocked with merchandise. They are responsible for verifying that shipments coming in, match what was ordered.

Stock Associates are also involved with tracking store inventory, and assisting customers. Department Store Associates generally earn about $10 per hour.

Customer Service Representative

The Department Store Customer Service Representative interacts directly with customers to answer questions about their store’s products, prices, and return policies. They also resolve merchandise problems, and process refunds and exchanges.

Customer Service Reps typically operate cash registers, and perform their duties both in person and over the telephone. Department Store Customer Service Representatives earn an average annual salary of about $23,000.

Department Supervisor

Each major department in a Department Store typically employs a Supervisor to oversee the merchandise and employees in that area. They train and direct staff, resolve customer issues and set work schedules.

Supervisors are also involved with maintaining department inventory and ensuring sales quotas are being met. Department Supervisors earn an average annual salary of about $30,000.

Department Store Buyer

The Department Store Buyer is responsible for the purchase of the products sold in their store, although they sometimes only buy for a specific department, such as sporting goods or furniture. Buyers monitor and evaluate inventory, search out new suppliers, negotiate prices, and attend trade shows.

The Store Buyer often works long hours and tends to travel a lot. Department Store Buyers earn an average annual salary of about $52,000.

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