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More than a quarter million people work in the $50 billion dollar sporting goods retail industry, and one of them could be you. From fishing rods to running shoes to spandex, everybody needs a place to buy their gear.

If you like the idea of helping others in their sporting pursuits, you can choose from positions that range from Sales Representative to Bike Mechanic. Just browse through the job application guides below to find out more.

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Top 5 Job Positions in the Sporting Goods Industry

Sporting Goods Sales Associate

Sporting Goods Sales Associates have specialized knowledge to assist customers with purchasing various types of sports equipment, including golf clubs, tennis rackets, camping gear, and sportswear. They demonstrate how merchandise works, discuss its features, and find the best fit for a customer’s needs.

Sales Associates may also be required to perform cashier duties and process payments. Sporting Goods Sales Associates usually earn an average wage of $9.50-10.50 per hour.

Sports Equipment Repair Technician

Many Sporting Goods Stores hire in-store Repair Technicians to service the products they sell. They are responsible for cleaning and repairing sports equipment, and may re-string rackets, replace grips, sharpen skates, and adjust ski bindings.

Repair Technicians should be mechanically inclined and have excellent customer service skills. Sports Equipment Repair Technicians usually earn about $9.50-10.50 per hour.

Sporting Goods Store Manager

The Manager of a Sporting Goods Store uses their business skills to promote sales. They manage all daily operations, including hiring, training and scheduling staff, producing sales reports and budgets, and dealing with customer service issues.

Store Managers are also responsible for overseeing store security, maintenance and inventory control. Sporting Goods Store Managers can earn an average salary of about $40,000 per year.

Bicycle Repairer

Bicycle Mechanics are specially trained to assemble, clean, and repair bicycles, and to advise on accessories. They road test bikes to diagnose problems and check effectiveness of repairs, and may build new bike components.

Some Bike Repairers are also involved in stock control and retail duties. Bicycle Repairers earn an average annual salary of about $27,000.

Sporting Goods Sales Representative

Sporting Goods Sales Representatives sell athletic gear and equipment to retail stores. They advise customers on product use and features, negotiate sales contracts, process orders, and prepare budgets, often while working on commission.

Sales Reps must also stay on top of competitor activities, market conditions, and new products. Sporting Goods Sales Representatives can earn an average annual salary of about $56,000, depending on their pay structure.

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