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Consumers spend $20 billion dollars every year on shoes! If you love keeping up with the latest trends in casual, work, fashion, and athletic footwear for people of all ages, you may enjoy working in the shoe store industry.

Positions in the shoe industry run the full range from designing, to buying, to selling, to repairing footwear. Check out the job application guides below to find out more about these shoe-related opportunities.

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Top 5 Job Positions in the Shoe Industry

Shoe Store Sales Associate

The Shoe Store Sales Associate is responsible for helping customers to find the right shoe fit and style. They describe shoe features, measure customers’ feet for proper sizing, and offer advice on fit and style options.

Sales Associates should be familiar with the latest shoe fashions, and are often required to work as cashiers. Shoe Store Sales Associates generally earn about $9-11 per hour.

Shoe Store Manager

The Manager of a Shoe Store is responsible for a variety of administrative and operational tasks. They prepare budgets, order inventory, coordinate store promotions, and hire and train staff.

Store Managers are also responsible for customer service, including resolving complaints. Shoe Store Managers earn an average annual salary of about $38,000.

Shoe Buyer

Shoe Buyers are responsible for keeping up with the latest shoe trends and fashions, in order to purchase store product that customers will buy. They forecast sales and develop strategies, place orders, design promotions, and monitor inventory.

A Shoe Buyer will typically spend their days in meetings and traveling to trade shows and demonstrations. Shoe Buyers earn an average annual salary of about $58,000.

Shoe Repair Worker

Shoe Repair Workers basically fix and rebuild customer shoes. They use specialized tools like heel-nailing equipment and awls to replace soles and heels, re-stitch seams, and dye shoes a different color.

Repair Workers require exceptional manual dexterity and attention to detail. Shoe Repair Workers earn an average annual salary of about $25,000.

Footwear Designer

Footwear Designers use their knowledge of fabric, structure and style to create shoes and boots for the Shoe Store industry. They research fashion and market trends, interact with materials manufacturers, and oversee shoe production.

Shoe Designers usually have a fashion design background and merchandising expertise. Footwear Designers earn an average salary of about $64,000, but this varies widely depending on the footwear category.

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