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Holiday Inn (and Holiday Inn Express) Jobs & Careers – Application, How to Apply, Requirements & Interview Tips

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If you enjoy providing quality hospitality to guests from all over the world, then get ready to fill out and submit your Holiday Inn job application today.

Holiday Inn is run by the InterContinental Hotels Group or IHG. The company provides over 674,000 guest rooms throughout the world and caters to over 150 million guests each and every year.

IHG includes nine different brands and each mission is the same – to provide the most luxurious service to guests while making each guest feel like he or she is right at home.

The company focuses on innovation, trust, consistency, and resolve to ensure that each hotel is designed to provide the best accommodations.

The Holiday Inn chain includes the traditional Holiday Inn, Holiday Inn Express, and Holiday Inn Resort.

IHG hires over 350,000 employees throughout 98 different countries and you can find yourself working as a front desk agent helping customers check in or as a manager leading your team.

If you are looking for the opportunity to help travelers feel like they are right at home, then working at Holiday Inn may be the right career move for you.

How to Apply for Employment at Holiday Inn

To apply for employment at Holiday Inn, the most commonly used method is by submitting an online application.

Application Information

  • Minimum Age Requirement: The minimum age required for employment at Holiday Inn is 18 years old.
  • Hours of Operation: Holiday Inn is open 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.
  • Methods to Apply: Interested applicants can apply to Holiday Inn by filling out and submitting an online job application.

Searching for an Open Position

To search for a position, you will need to navigate to the job search page. From there, you can enter in a location and any keywords related to the job you desire.

Once you have entered in your criteria, click on the “search for jobs” button and all open positions meeting your criteria will be displayed.

To learn more about a position, simply click on the job title.

Applying for a Job

To apply for a position, you can click on the “apply for this job” button located under the title of the job on the search results page.

The first step in the process is to create an account. Once you have created an account, you will be taken to the application.

The first step is to upload your resume to the application. The next section includes your personal information, the opportunity to upload your resume again, your work experience, and your educational history.

After you get through those sections, you can move on to the questionnaire, which asks information about your experience, your availability, and similar.

Once you are done filling in the information and answering questions, you can sign and submit your application.

Application Tips

holiday inn job application As you go through your application, you may come across some questions you do not know how to fully answer. Below, we will go over some tips to help you get through the application quickly and smoothly.

Don’t Forget Your Resume

As you go through the application, there are two opportunities for you to upload your resume. While you do not have to, it is recommended that you do.

If you do not currently have a resume, you should create one in your word processor. You should highlight your experience, skills, and achievements.

Include Relevant Activities and Certifications

When going through the application, make sure that you include all relevant activities and certifications that you have earned.

For example, if you have a certification in hospitality, make this known as you become more valuable to a company when you hold several certifications and have many skills.

Know Your Availability

You will be asked about your availability when you are applying for the position. One of the requirements to work at Holiday Inn is that you must be willing to work any shift, overnight, and even on the holidays.

Since the company is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, the more flexible you are, the more likely it is you will be hired.

Should You Follow Up?

You can follow up on a job you applied to by logging back into the account that you created. Once logged in, you will need to click on the “my submissions” tab. From here, you will be able to see all applications you submitted along with the status of the job.

You can also call in to the specific location you applied to and ask to speak with the hiring manager. If the hiring manager is unavailable when you call, ask when a better time to call back would be.

Remember, you should always give the manager a couple of days to review your application submission before you begin calling.

Positions and Salary Information

Holiday Inn hires employees to work throughout their hotels across the world. Each and every position in the company is important and you will help provide a great experience to all travelers.

The company offers a variety of both entry-level and management opportunities for you to seize. Whether this is your first job or you are looking to make a career out of Holiday Inn, you are sure to find a position you fit right into.

  • Front Desk Agent – The Front Desk Agent is responsible for checking customers into and out of their rooms. He or she will also help customers make reservations. As a Front Desk Agent, you can expect to make between $9 and $11 per hour.
  • Guest Services – The Guest Services agent is responsible for helping customers find local activities and events to attend. As a Guest Services agent, you can expect to make between $9 and $11 per hour.
  • Housekeeper – The Housekeeper is responsible for keeping all hotel rooms neat, clean, and in order. He or she will also ensure that all rooms have fresh linens including bed sheets and towels. As a Housekeeper, you can expect to make between $9 and $11 per hour.
  • Front Office Manager – The Front Office Manager is responsible for managing the front of the house and helping show customers to their rooms. As a Front Office Manager, you can expect to make between $32,000 and $38,000 per year.
  • Assistant General Manager – The Assistant General Manager will help ensure the hotel runs smoothly. He or she is responsible for the security and safety of all guests and employees. As an Assistant General Manager, you can expect to make between $25,000 and $35,00 per year.
  • General Manager – The General Manager is responsible for overseeing all of the hotel’s operations and setting goals for all employees. As a General Manager, you can expect to make between $45,000 and $55,000 per year.

Best Entry-Level Positions

Holiday Inn hires employees to work in entry-level positions throughout the hotel. These positions provide support to the management staff and also accommodate customers who are staying at the hotel.

All of the entry-level positions have the opportunity to move into a management role within the hotel.

Search for Another Job

Front Desk Agent

The Front Desk Agent is responsible for greeting all customers as they enter into the hotel. He or she will help customers check into and out of their rooms, make reservations, book activities, and complete transactions after their stay.

In this role, you will also ensure the front of the hotel is properly maintained and escort customers to their rooms when needed.

Guest Services

The Guest Services agent is responsible for helping customers locate activities near the hotel. He or she will recommend things for families, individuals, and couples to do throughout the hotel and throughout the surrounding areas.

In this role, you should be knowledgeable about upcoming events and fun events going on. You will need to be good with directions and help customers find the information they desire.


The Housekeeper is responsible for ensuring that all hotel rooms and linens are fresh and clean for all customers. He or she will perform light housekeeping duties in all rooms once a customer leaves.

In addition, the housekeeper will ensure that all trash is removed from the garbage cans, all refrigerators are cleaned out, and all common areas are neat and in order.

Holiday Inn Careers in Management

holiday inn careers Holiday Inn offers a variety of management positions throughout their hotels and you can take on a leadership role and direct a team of associates.

The management positions play an important role throughout the hotel as they are responsible for helping ensure customers have the best possible experience.

All full-time positions receive benefits including health insurance coverage, competitive pay, time off, and more.

Front Office Manager

The Front Office Manager is responsible for overseeing the front of the house. He or she will greet customers and help them with their reservations. You will be responsible for making sure that all goals are met and that all team members are completing their jobs correctly.

In addition, you will help customers find their rooms and navigate the premises when they are unsure of where to go.

Assistant General Manager

The Assistant General Manager is responsible for helping the General Manager throughout the hotel. He or she will ensure a positive customer experience and follow up on any customer complaints, concerns, and inquiries.

In this role, you will also be responsible for ensuring the security and safety of all guests and employees. You will check the premises to make sure it is clean and escort guests to their rooms as needed.

General Manager

The General Manager is responsible for handling all day to day operations in the hotel. He or she will plan and organize all work to be completing and assign it to the proper departments.

In addition, he or she will set performance goals for employees and provide each one with the proper feedback to help him or her improve.

Interview Questions and Tips

If you have been scheduled for an interview, it is important that you properly prepare for it so that you know how to answer the questions you are asked. Below, we will go over some questions that you may encounter along the way.

Are You Comfortable Talking to People?

You will need to interact with all types of people on a regular basis when working at Holiday Inn and it is important that you are comfortable working with them.

If you are not comfortable working with people, you may want to consider another role in the company that has minimal customer interactions.

What Would You Do if a Reserved Room Was Taken When the Customer Arrived?

If you are asked this question, you should respond with customer service in the back of your mind. For example, if a customer’s room was accidentally taken even though the customer reserved it, think of ways you can help the customer.

Is there a better room you can upgrade them to? What can you do about their accommodations? Of course, you want to stay within the company’s guidelines and policies.

Why Do You Want to Work Here?

If you are asked this question, then be honest about your reasoning to work at Holiday Inn. Many people want to work here because they are able to meet many different people.

When it comes to your reasoning for wanting to work at Holiday Inn, make sure that your reasons are the right ones.

Helpful Research for Your Holiday Inn Interview

Holiday Inn is a brand under the InterContinental Hotels Group and operates to serve a wide range of customers throughout 98 different countries.

IHG serves over 150 million customers per year and the mission of the hotel group is to provide quality and consistent service for all guests.

Employing over 350,000 employees to work in all nine of their hotel brands, IHG is always looking for shining faces and new talent to help provide superior service.

What Employees Say About Working Here

Employees working at Holiday Inn are happy with their positions in the hotel chain. Many of them say that the company offers great benefits and provides you with the opportunity for advancement throughout the hotel.

In addition, employees are happy that they receive discounts on their travel accommodations and many of them also say that the management teams are always ready to lend a helping hand.

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