32 Best Colleges on the Beach

Study on the Beach: The Top Beach Colleges Rankings & Information

Last Updated: December 16, 2015

Have you ever dreamed of a dorm room with an ocean view? What about surfing or getting a tan in between classes?

With these top colleges on the beach, that is more than possible, it can be your reality.

You do not have to sacrifice the quality of your education for the beach at you door. Several of the colleges listed below are ranked as top colleges in the world.

Whoever said that learning has to take place in the classroom was wrong, because some of these colleges even offer ocean-side classes.

If sand, surf, and sun are on your mind, find your perfect choice using Land Your Life’s ultimate guide to colleges & universities on the beach.

University of California, San Diego

Located less than one mile from the beach, the University of California, San Diego, is nestled in the seaside neighborhood of La Jolla. This highly regarded research institute, with over 31,000 students enrolled, offers a mix of prestigious education and world-class waves.

If you’re up for intense surfing, this is the place for you. In less than a 15-minute walk from UC San Diego, you can find yourself at Black’s Beach, one of California’s top surf spots. People travel from all over just to surf the strongest waves in southern California at Black’s Beach.

Since you are not required to live on campus at UC San Diego, you can live as close to the beach as you would like. With other beaches close by such as La Jolla Shores and Torrey Pines Bluffs, you have got plenty of options for catching some sun.

With Nobel Peace Prize winning staff and globally recognized academics, you will gain a lot more at UC San Diego than just sun and fun. They are ranked as the 19th top global university according to U.S. News and Report and the 14th university in the world for engineering according to the Shanghai Ranking Consultancy.

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College of Charleston

The College of Charleston sits on 52 acres in the middle of downtown in this historic, South Carolina city. The coastal campus, used for backdrop in movies such as The Notebook and Dear John, is dripping with culture and history.

No matter the direction you drive, you will more than likely end up at one of the many beaches near-by to the College of Charleston. It is a 20-minute drive to either Sullivan’s Island or Folly Beach, or for an extra 15 minutes, the Isle of Palms.

The beaches near the College of Charleston offer a quiet, southern-charm, though each has different attractions to see. Through campus-organized activities, such as kayaking, sailing, or paddle boarding, you can see all of the beauties of the South Carolina Ocean.

You will learn about more than just Civil War history at the College of Charleston. There are over 130 majors and minors to choose from among 6 different schools including, the most unique, School of Languages, Cultures, and World Affairs.

As the oldest college in the state and 13th oldest in the U.S., the College of Charleston is ranked as the 11th top college in the south by U.S. News and Report.

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Florida Gulf Coast University

With residence halls directly on the ocean, college life cannot get much better than at Florida Gulf Coast University.

FGCU takes on-campus recreation to another level. Built in the Florida marshlands, there is no distance between campus and the ocean due to the on campus beach, called North Lake. This beach features canoes, kayaks, paddleboards, and sailboats, which are all free rentals for students.

If you want to go off-campus for some surf and sun then there are several beach options near-by. One popular Florida beach, Fort Meyers, is just a 30-minute drive from campus. Sitting on a 7-mile long barrier island, Fort Meyers Beach is famous for it’s golden sand and relaxing atmosphere.

Ranked as the 38th top public college in the south by U.S. News and Report, there is more offered by FCGU than just dorms with an ocean view. There are over 14,000 students enrolled in 51 undergraduate and 28 graduate degree programs at FCGU.

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Monmouth University

You can have the best of ocean and city life at Monmouth University in West Long Branch, New Jersey. Located on the northern coast, students at Monmouth are just 1 mile from ocean views and 1 hour from New York City.

With the oceans steps away from the center of campus, it is only 4 miles down the road to Monmouth Beach, a popular destination on the Jersey Shore. Though you probably will not see the cast of Jersey Shore here, you will experience a mix of small town charm and resort-like amenities.

At just a 10-minute drive or bus ride away, Monmouth Beach is easily accessible from campus and can be the perfect spot for relaxation between classes.

This private university prides itself on small class sizes and high faculty to student ratios. Because of that, Monmouth sits as one of the highest ranked New Jersey colleges by the Princeton Review for 2015.

If you are specifically interested in studying marine biology, look no further. Monmouth offers a major in Marine and Environmental Biology and Policy. Since the ocean is just steps from the classroom, you will get plenty of hands on experience.

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University of New England, Biddeford

Sitting on 4,000 feet of private, campus beach, you cannot beat the view at the University of New England in Biddeford. Located on the southern coast of Maine, UNE boasts, “you get to live where others come to vacation”.

With campus activities such as canoeing, kayaking, and swimming, you are sure to never get bored here. Yet, just in case you do, there are more beaches only a few miles away.

About 2 miles from UNE campus, or a 5-minute drive, are Pool Beach and Fortune Rocks Beach. Both are popular tourist spots with lifeguards on duty. Sea Kayakers particularly enjoy the ocean waters surrounding Pool Beach.

If that is not enough entertainment, UNE Biddeford is home to over 15 athletic teams, including a hockey team that plays on an NHL sized hockey arena on campus.

This private, liberal arts university has over 2,700 students enrolled in 30 majors. The University of New England in Biddeford was named one of the top colleges in the Northern United States by U.S. News and Report and Forbes in 2015.

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Old Dominion University

Residing on 5 miles of downtown in Norfolk, Virginia, Old Dominion’s purpose is to be known as one of the nation’s best public research institutions. Its close proximity to three near-by beaches means Old Dominion is the ideal spot for research regarding climate change and sea level rise initiatives.

Within 8 miles of the Old Dominion campus are Community Beach Park, Ocean View, and Sarah Constant Beach. Each is just a 15-minute drive away and offers an ocean front view.

Ocean View Beach features 6.5 acres of grass and sand, which provides an excellent location for the many festivals and events held here.

Through 53 departments, Old Dominion offers it’s 24,000 students a choice of over 4,000 courses. No matter what you are looking to study, you can likely find it here.

Similarly, Old Dominion has an extensive research program, which has become quite the draw for undergraduates interested in research.

Old Dominion ranked on the U.S. News and Report list of best national universities in 2016.

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Yale University

Best known for it’s Ivy League prestige, many would be surprised to learn just how close Yale University is to the beach. At just about 7 miles, or a 13-minute drive, from the New Haven campus you can travel to two beaches.

Silver Sands Beach in East Haven and Bradley Point Beach in West Haven both offer Yale students the same thing, an ocean-side get away.

Bradley point is a calm, somewhat secluded beach spot. However, Silver Sands has a bit more tourism as it is home to Charles Island, the rumored location of buried treasure dating back to the 1600’s.

Yale is a small university where you certainly do not have to sacrifice a prestigious education to be on the beach.

While famous for the music and drama programs, Yale is widely known for all aspects of its offered course curriculum. As a major research institute, Yale was named 11th for universities in the world and 1st for colleges in the U.S.

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Humboldt State University

Amidst the rolling hills of the redwood forest you can find untouched nature at Humboldt State University in Arcata, California.

Whether you are studying with experts in the redwood forest or aboard “The Coral Sea” vessel researching the ocean, Humboldt is passionate about providing students with real-world experience through hands on learning.

The rocky beaches of the Pacific coast can be the ideal spot for this learning adventure. Within a 15-minute drive from Humboldt campus you can find three beaches, Moonstone Beach, Clam Beach, and Mad River Beach.

At any these beach you can go fishing, launch a boat, or even go camping. If that is not enough for you to do, head back to the Humboldt Recreation Center and take your turn on the 40-foot rock-climbing wall.

Humboldt has been recognized as one of the best universities in the western United States by U.S. News and Report and the Princeton Review. Also, Humboldt boasts the recognition from PETA as a top vegan friendly school.

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Bowdoin College

This liberal arts college sits on the edge of the Androscoggin River in Brunswick, Maine, and represents the classic New England coastal culture.

Bowdoin College is home to the Peuicinian Society, one of the oldest literary and intellectual societies in the country. Also, one of the most famous alumni of Bowdoin College, poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, was likely inspired in his writing by the very coasts of Maine nearest to the campus.

Thomas Point Beach, which is just 3.5 miles from campus or a 10-minute drive, is a tourist spot for nature lovers visiting the coast of Maine. While at Thomas Pointe, you can walk along the ocean, go the ice cream shop, play some disc-golf, or even set up a tent for the evening.

Bowdoin makes the most of it’s coastal surrounding with a coastal studies center on near-by Orr’s Island and a scientific field station on Kent Island.

Ranked as the 4th top liberal arts college in the U.S., Bowdoin is certainly a prestigious spot to pursue such a degree.

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University of Tampa

Want to permanently avoid the winter? Ranked as one of the top 10 best colleges to avoid the winter by U.S. News and Report, the University of Tampa’s bayside views are sure to keep the winter blues away.

Located just a few blocks away from downtown Tampa, this campus is close to several major attractions in Florida including Disney and Busch Gardens.

While it is only about a 40-minute drive to the coast of Clearwater, there are bayside beach hotspots for you to enjoy just down the road from the University of Tampa campus. Ben T. Davis Beach sits 8 miles away, or a 12-minute drive, as a bayside attraction for a coastal experience closer to downtown Tampa.

Through the University of Tampa, you can experience the ocean through the classroom. With a course offered in swimming with manatees and vessels taken into the Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic for regular research, you are sure to make the most of your college experience on the beach.

The University of Tampa made it on Forbes’ 2015 annual ranking of America’s best colleges.

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University of Hawaii – Manoa

It cannot get any more tropical than going to college near the Waikiki Bay. Prided for providing a global education experience, the University of Hawaii, Manoa, is a great option for college in Hawaii.

Less than 2 miles from campus, Waikiki beach offers white sand, along with world-renowned shopping and dining. Tourists travel from all over the world to visit this beach on the Southern coast of Honolulu, but as a student of UH Manoa, it is just down the road.

As one of the few land, sea, and space grant institutions in the United States, at the University of Hawaii, Manoa you can study all kinds of different subjects from law to marine biology to business.

As a research university, UH Manoa made the list of top 50 public universities in research expenditures, according to the National Science Foundation.

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Salve Regina University

Found in the Ochre Point Area, near the historic district of Newport, Rhode Island, Salve Regina University is a small, Catholic, university. This university sits atop a cliff that over looks the ocean, with the beach just a few minutes away.

The Cliff Walk is a tourist attraction that many people enjoy when visiting Newport. As a border to the ocean, you can walk the Cliff Walk, which sits next to the Salve Regina campus, and end at Easton’s Beach. Just 1.3 miles away, this beach is a part of the Newport waterfront.

Newport is not only known as the sailing capital of the world, but it is also rumored to be one of the top surfing spots in all of New England.

As a student of Salve Regina you can enjoy the on-campus, ocean views as you also take in the view of the campuses ornate buildings and classical architecture. While this is a liberal arts university, you can study subjects such as nursing; sociology and anthropology; and cultural and historical preservation.

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Endicott College

As a small, private institution located on the North Shore of Beverly, Massachusetts, Endicott College offers experiential learning near the beach.

Within a 15-minute drive from campus, you can be at any of the three beautiful beaches near the North Shore.

Dane Street Beach, just a 5-minute drive away, can also be traveled to by bike in about 10 minutes. Lynch Park, an ocean front park, is a 9-minute drive from campus and Singing Beach, likely the most popular of the three, 14-minutes away.

Singing Beach is a tourist spot near Beverly, named for the unique “singing” sound that is produced when you walk on the silica rich sand next to the ocean.

A major part of the experiential learning offered at Endicott is the real-world, hands on experience in the field of study that students gain prior to graduation.

Each student at Endicott is required to complete three different internships throughout his or her university career. As a result, Endicott claims that up to 45% of graduates receive their first professional position at one of their previous internships sites.

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Pepperdine University

On a campus in the Santa Monica Mountains overlooking the Pacific, Pepperdine University has natural beauty surrounding. This private, Christian college in Malibu has tropical ocean winds with unbeatable views and sits minutes away from California beaches.

Just a one-hour drive from Los Angeles and minutes from the beach, you can have the best of big city and coastal life at Pepperdine. Within a 2-minute drive from campus, you can arrive at either Malibu Lagoon Beach or Dan Blocker Beach, both walking distance away.

Malibu Lagoon is a premier surfing spot in Southern California. However, Dan Blocker, a lesser-known beach in the area, is a great location for all kinds of water sports and is a beach that is rarely crowded.

Yet, you do not have to sacrifice value when considering a university in this gorgeous location. Pepperdine was ranked as on the list of best value schools in the United States by U.S. News and Report.

Known for many aspects of it’s academics, including the School of Law, Pepperdine was ranked as the number 10 most entrepreneurial school by Forbes.

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California State University – Monterey Bay

This California State University is sitting right off of one of the largest marine protected areas in the world, with sea life such as whales, anglerfish, and sea otters. Monterey Bay is so close to this campus that you will find yourself taking in the fog coming from the ocean in the morning air.

With this much sea life so close-by, CSUMB takes advantage of the opportunity to research the ocean in new ways, including through their exploration in ecological forecasting and coral reef monitoring.

If studying the ocean is not your thing, but swimming in it is, then CSUMB still has plenty to offer you, with two beaches near campus.

First, Fort Ord Dunes State park is less than a mile from CSUMB or a 5-minute bike ride. This is the best spot in Monterey Bay for nature exploration through hiking, bicycling, or just observing the wildlife, all by the ocean.

Second, Del Monte Beach, a locally known beach spot, is only 5 miles away from campus or an 8-minute drive. Located inside of Monterey State Beach, this spot is popular among locals for surfing.

CSUMB ranked 18th among top public schools in the west by U.S. News and Report.

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Hawaii Pacific University

Sitting on the island of Oahu, Hawaii Pacific University is located in downtown Honolulu, one of the top ten healthiest and happiest cities in America. The happiness of locals in Honolulu is likely due to the amazing weather and beaches, all of which you will experience as a student at Hawaii Pacific.

As their mascot Sharky the Sea Warrior would tell you, there is plenty to do on and off of campus. Student activities include parasailing, kayaking, surfing, and even swimming with dolphins.

Just 2.1 miles away, or a 9-minute drive, Ala Moana Beach is a popular spot for students to hit the ocean. Attached to the man-made Magic Island, this beach is surrounded by a barrier reef so you will experience calm, peaceful waters here.

Hawaii Pacific is known for it’s Ocean Institute, which is located off campus at Makan’u Point. Here researchers and undergraduates study subjects such as marine aquaculture, biotechnology, and coastal resource management.

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The Citadel – The Military College of South Carolina

As one of only 6 other military colleges in the U.S., this college on the beach is particularly unique.  The Citadel is known for excellence in academics, as well as military discipline among students.

The core program of the Citadel is based around military cadets pursuing bachelor’s degree, yet this college does offer non-military focused degrees, as well. There are 19 majors and 36 minors offered here, including a degree in Marine Biology.

The Citadel campus is located on the banks of the Ashley River and just a 10-minute drive to historical, downtown Charleston.

Similarly, Sullivan’s Island and Folly Beach are both within about a 20-minute drive from the Citadel campus. This means that you can still have the charm of the South Carolina coast with the military college experience.

With over 2,200 students enrolled, the Citadel is ranked as the 3rd top regional university in the south by U.S. News and Report.

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Western Washington University

If you want to be close to nature while going to school, then check out Western Washington University in Bellingham, Washington. This campus features 6-miles of forested trails, 180 acres of campus forest, and is just a 5-minute drive to the ocean.

With views of the mountains surrounding campus and the beach less than a mile away, you can experience nature in many different terrains all on the same day at Western Washington University.

Cornwall Beach is less than a mile from campus, while Locust Beach and Taylor Dock are each only about 14-minutes away.  The most popular of these beaches is likely Taylor Dock, where you can walk along a quiet beach with sand stone rocks and hang out at the near-by coffee shop.

Western Washington University was a top national producer, among public master’s granting institutions, for Fulbright Scholarship winners in 2013. WWU has also been recognized as the highest-ranking public master’s granting university in the Pacific Northwest in 2015 by U.S. News and Report.

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Oregon Coast Community College

If you are looking for a community college on the beach, then look no further than Oregon Coast Community College. Located in the ocean-side city of Newport, OCCC offers the value of a community college with the unique experience of being located near the ocean.

The close to 3,000 students enrolled at OCCC have the opportunity to earn an associates degree or to complete the first two years of a bachelor’s degree before moving on to a 4-year university.

OCCC offers the only Aquarium Science Program in the United States. Students in this competitive program gain valuable, hands-on experience through internships and local aquariums or marine laboratories.

The campus of OCCC is located just 1.5 miles, or a 4-minute drive, from Beach State Park. This ocean front state park has walking-trails, guided nature adventures, kayak tours, the Yaquina Bay Lighthouse, camping, and of course, the beach.

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Texas A&M – Corpus Christi

Located on the tropical Ward Island in Oso Bay, Texas A&M, Corpus Christi, is proud to be an island campus. While Corpus Christi is a popular vacation spot on the Gulf of Mexico, as a student here, you can enjoy it as your everyday life.

If you are interested in visiting Texas A&M, Corpus Christi for a prospective student tour, you will likely visit on Island Day, where you will see students windsurfing, fishing, and boating all near to, if not on, campus.

With it’s own on-campus beach, you can lie by the water, relax, or swim in-between classes. However, Texas A&M Corpus Christi is just a 15-minutes drive from the popular Padre Island, which features beautiful white sand beaches and a list of potential ocean activities.

Texas A&M Corpus Christi offers 33 undergraduate majors and 25 graduate programs. They focus on research through venues such as The Conrad Blucher Institute for Surveying and Science and The Harte Research Institute for Gulf of Mexico Studies.

This campus made the list of the top 100 universities for affordability and accessibility for prospective students, according to the College Atlas A List.

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University of California – Santa Barbara

As one of the only universities in the United States with a private beach and a campus bordered on three sides by the ocean, the University of California in Santa Barbara offers a unique campus experience.

While the campus is located on cliffs looking out onto the Pacific Ocean, there is also a private lagoon, which is home to the Marine Science buildings on campus.

The breath-taking views of the Pacific and the fresh sea-air are not taken for granted by students here as many make use of the extensive bicycle systems on campus.

Goleta Point is an on-campus lookout over the ocean that is not only a popular spot for sea birds, but is said to be one of Santa Barbara’s top spots for surf breaks. You will never be short on views of the Pacific Ocean when you are at the University of California at Santa Barbara.

With over 23,000 students, the University of California at Santa Barbara is ranked 3rd on the Princeton Review’s list of top party schools in 2015 and 8th on U.S. News and Report’s list of top public universities in the U.S. in 2016. Also, they were ranked as 38th worldwide for academic ranking of world universities in 2015.

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University of West Florida

This public, research institute sits off the Gulf of Mexico while bordering the Escambia Bay on a 1,600-acre nature preserve. The University of West Florida is located close enough to drive to the beach while also offering extensive education opportunities.

Oriole Beach and Gulf Breeze Beach are each within a 30-minute drive from this Pensacola, Florida campus.

At Gulf Breeze Beach you can go hiking, snorkel or even just take some time to bird watch. The Gulf Breeze Zoo is also a popular spot for visitors.

On the other hand, Oriole Beach provides a quite, residential beach area where you can get away and relax.

The University of West Florida is known for having one of the best underwater archaeology programs in the United States. Based on a shipwreck site discovered near campus and other archaeologically important sites, this program offers valuable hands on learning in the realm of underwater archaeology.

The University of West Florida was designated by the Princeton Review as a best Southeastern college from 2003 to 2015.

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Florida Atlantic University

Between the cities of Palm Beach and Fort Lauderdale, Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton features a premier campus near the beach.

With suite style housing and a movie theater complex on-campus, life at Florida Atlantic cannot get much better, until you head to the beach.

South Beach Park and Spanish River Park are each within a 15-minute drive from campus. Both beaches offer lifeguards and a great spot to take in the ocean breeze while fishing or enjoying a picnic.

Florida State University claims to rank as the most racially, ethnically and culturally diverse college in the Florida State University system, with 49% of students classified as minority or international students.

A new College of Medicine was created on campus in 2010, and there are 180 other degree programs for you to explore on the undergraduate, master, and doctoral level. Similarly, the well-known nursing school at Florida State University was ranked by U.S. News and Report as one of the best in the United States.

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University of Rhode Island

Just 30 miles south of Providence, the University of Rhode Island is located in the historic ocean-side village of Kingston.

You can experience New England at it’s finest through any of the beaches near campus. Narragansett Town Beach and East Matunuck State Beach are each with a 20-minute drive from the University of Rhode Island campus.

Narragansett Town Beach is known as having an idealistic New England beach setting with surfing, an area for picnics, and dining options near-by.

The University of Rhode Island is well known for Oceanography, specifically for students interested in graduate school. The Oceanography program was made famous by alumni Robert Ballard, who discovered the sunken Titanic ship.

Yet, this university has more to offer in education than just oceanography. The University of Rhode Island was ranked by U.S. News and Report on the list of best undergraduate business programs.

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Eckerd College

There are many aspects that make this private, liberal arts college different than the rest, yet, the mile-long waterfront on-campus only adds to the list. Located in St. Petersburg, Florida, Eckerd College boasts one of the largest collegiate watersports programs in the Southeastern United States.

Besides just the many water sports that you can partake in here, you can also jet off from the Wallace Boathouse located right off campus.

St. Pete Beach, well known by travelers, is just a 13-minute drive away from the campus of Eckerd College. Here you can enjoy waterfront dining after a day of paddle boarding, windsurfing or even kite boarding.

Students interested in search and rescue can gain hands on experience through training and community service in the Tampa Bay. Service to the community is an important part of life at Eckerd College and this is just one of the ways to join in.

If you love taking your dog to the beach, then this is your spot. Eckerd College uniquely allows you to bring your pet to live with you on campus and even hosts a pet graduation for your furry friend.

Eckerd College is listed on Loren Pope’s list of trusted colleges that change lives.

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College of the Atlantic

This rural campus located in Bar Harbor, Maine, is home to the small, private, and liberal College of the Atlantic. Experiential learning is the passion of this college and you can experience more than just an education, but also surrounding nature as a student here.

Located on Mount Desert Island, the largest island off the coast of Maine, the College of the Atlantic offers a different perspective on rural living to their 350 students and 35 faculty members.

Acadia National Park is just a mile away from campus and is known as America’s 1st national park east of the Mississippi River. This park has two beaches, the most popular being Sand beach, known for it’s unique shell fragments.

The College of the Atlantic has two organic farms on campus, which are important for the students who are studying sustainable food systems. Similarly, they have two island research stations off-campus where the McCormick Blair Research institute studies marine mammals and oceanography.

If campus food is important to you then you will be glad to know that the College of the Atlantic was ranked number 5 on the Princeton Review’s list of best college food.

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Mitchell College

With two private, on-campus beaches, Mitchell College in New London, Connecticut offers something special to students. Also, there are other beaches just minutes away.

The two on-campus beaches are meant for students and faculty only, and are the main spots for bonfires, parties, and relaxation. Also, the campus has a dock, which is used mainly by the Mitchell College sailing team.

Sitting on the edge of where the mouth of the Thames River and the entrance to the Long Island Sound meet, this campus was once a privately owned estate.

Students at Mitchell College can even live on the waterfront through several historical homes have been renovated in to spots for residence living for upper class students.

At just 7-minutes from campus by car, Ocean Beach Park is a beachside attraction that claims to be one of the best beaches in the United States. At Ocean Beach you can swim in the Olympic sized swimming pool, play mini-golf, or just relax by the water.

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University of Miami

This private university on the Mahi Waterway is located in the beautiful Coral Gables of south Florida and is just 12 miles from Miami Beach.

As a world-renowned spot for dining, shopping, and nightlife, Miami Beach will definitely become one of your favorite spots as a student at the University of Miami. Just a 25-minute drive away from campus, you cannot only enjoy the beach here, but also all of the attractions that Miami Beach has to offer.

The University of Miami’s school of Marine and Atmospheric Science is known for giving students the opportunity to dig further into the study of marine life. This school is located on an 18-acre waterfront campus in Biscayne Bay.

As a research institute, the University of Miami ranked 59th out of all universities in expenditures of federal funds for research and development.

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California State University – Long Beach

With a pyramid on campus and the famous Long Beach, California just down the street, the campus of California State University at Long Beach is not your average university.

Long Beach is known for it’s urban and ocean resort life, as well as it’s water front attractions. As a student of California State at Long Beach, you can experience all of the fun of Long Beach within a 10-minute drive from campus.

The Walter Pyramid, an 18-story, state of the art sporting complex, is a key landmark of this California State campus. This is an ideal university for athletes based on the sporting opportunities and spots for watersports near-by.

With over 36,000 students, this university is focused on research and offers 137 bachelors’ degrees and a list of high degree options, including 29 teaching credentials.

The University of California at Long Beach was ranked the 5th most diverse university in the west by U.S. News and Report and one of the best colleges in the west by the Princeton Review.

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Flagler College

Class on the lawn and breaks at the beach are all common for students to experience at Flagler College in St. Augustine, Florida. This private, liberal arts college is strongly influenced by Spanish architecture and the beach surrounding.

At just a 10-minute drive, or a 20-minute bike ride, St. Augustine Beach is a top spot for students at Flagler College. Located on Anastasia Island, a wild life refuge, this beach features white sand, shopping, and dining.

Flagler College is full of history, as one of it’s main buildings on campus, Ponce De Leon Hall, has been designated a national historic landmark.

Yet, do not let this history make you think that students at Flagler College do not have a good time. In fact, all first-year students admitted to the college are invited on a fun-filled trip to Disney World, located just a few hours from campus.

Flagler College was ranked as the 7th best value college by U.S. News and Report and made it on the list of the 380 best colleges, according to the Princeton Review.

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University of North Carolina Wilmington

Located in the port city of Wilmington and just 5 miles from the historic downtown Wrightsville, the University of North Carolina at Wilmington has a passion for their coastal location. Their connection to the sea is an integral component of the education at this university.

Wrightsville Beach is the perfect spot to experience classic, coastal North Carolina life. Within 5 miles form campus, or a 10-minute drive, you can go to Wrightsville beach to shop, paddle board, lay on the beach, or just to explore the popular tourist spot.

With over 13,000 undergraduate students, the University of North Carolina at Wilmington is known for the Cameron School of Business. The Princeton Review ranked this business school in their list of best 295 business schools in 2016 and the Business Journal recognized the school as one of the best.

Similarly, the Watson College of Education was ranked a top five best value, according to the National Council on Teacher Quality.

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Florida Institute of Technology

This college located in the subtropics of Melbourne, Florida is the second largest private college in the state. Similarly, it is the only independent, technological university in the Southeastern United States.

With two outdoor swimming pools on campus, you will have plenty of opportunity to soak up the Florida sun as a student here. However, when you’re ready for some beach time, you will be surrounded by options.

Paradise Beach, a barrier island off of the coast of Florida, is an ideal location for swimming, snorkeling, and fishing. At just 5 miles from campus or a 10-minute drive, this can be your paradise away from studying.

Another near-by, quiet beach spot can be found at Indian Harbor Beach. This is a peaceful beach that is just a 15-minute drive from the Florida Institute of Technology campus.

Originally started as a training location for the space industry, the Florida Institute of Technology now offers six different academic divisions. However, more than half of all students are enrolled in the division of engineering.

The Florida Institute of Technology was ranked among the top 200 universities in the world according to the Times Higher Education World University Ranks.

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Find Your Dream College on the Beach

With ocean views, the sea breeze, and vacation-like atmospheres, any student would be lucky to find themselves at one of these colleges on the beach. It can be more than a dream, you can make one of these top colleges on the beach your reality.

Do you have a favorite college on the beach? Do you know of a college on the beach that we left off of the list? Are you a current student at a college on the beach? Contact us and let us know, we would love to hear from you.

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