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Last Updated: September 3, 2015

Hello, friendly Internet traveler. Welcome to Land Your Life, a portal for upgrading your life.

You have a goal – a job, a career, perhaps even a business idea.

Here, we provide exclusive guides to help you achieve that goal – starting with our job application guides, our career (“How to Become”) guides, and our future small business guides.

What Makes ‘Land Your Life’ Different?

If you take a look around the web, you’ll find plenty other resources offering ‘words on a page’ to supposedly help you land your dream job, career, or lifestyle business.

LYL’s mission is set on a different path.

Land Your Life consults experts and top industry organizations during the creation of every educational page on-site.

If you’re looking to apply for a job or start a new career, and there are gaps in the information currently available to you – LYL is determined to fill those gaps with gusto.

Created For You

Every LYL job & career guide has been crafted with you in mind.

Search for Another Job

You shouldn’t have to settle for a ‘mainstream’ career everyone else is pursuing, solely because there wasn’t enough information available for you to appropriately pursue what truly want to do with your life.

From WalMart cashier, to becoming an accountant, to Underwater Basket-Weaving*. Whether you are looking for a long-term career move, or you’re just looking for a Summer job.

*Side note: Land Your Life will likely never cover this career (otherwise known as ‘UBW’) in-depth. Our apologies.

You deserve to have the full gamut of information available to you for whatever position you’re pursuing, regardless of the position’s relative obscurity.

And that is precisely what we hope to provide here at Land Your Life over the months & years to come.


Some of our influences for creating LandYourLife, thus a collection of our favorite Web resources for both job, career & life development include (this list is subject for expansion):

  • Zen Habits – One of the best resources for personal development, starting with the ‘core’ – you.
  • 99u.com – As their tagline says, ‘Insights on making ideas happen.”
  • Brazen Life – A website for bother personal & professional development.
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