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about land your life

Welcome to Land Your Life

Land Your Life was founded in 2015 as a one-stop resource for those who are looking for a reboot on life.

Whether you are just starting out, you’re making a big career shift, or you’re contemplating starting your own business (hint: LYL loves entrepreneurs) – this website has been built from the ground-up to help you achieve the career & life goals you’ve set for yourself.

What We Are Here For

Consider this a life/career counselor in digital form.

Do you know what you want to do with your life? Great. We have a guide to help you get there.

Directionless, worn out, and no clue what to do next? Perfect. LYL wants to help dig you out of your rut.

What Sets Land Your Life Apart?

You may have found Land Your Life by searching for job applications for a specific company.

Or, you may have been looking for education information, job outlook & salary data for your dream career.

However you found us, we’re glad you did. LYL strives to not just be a job/career/life encyclopedia – we’re in this for you.

Each of our job, career & business guides are developed for human-understanding. For no-holds-barred action-takers to read, digest & immediately put to use.

Every single page on this website has been molded, shaped & crafted with extreme care. No matter how obscure the career or life direction, someone is looking for a path towards achieving that goal.

That person may be you. You deserve a resource for helping you reach your goal just as thorough, just as impeccably comprehensive as someone looking for information on entering the highly competitive field of accounting.

LYL will provide that resource. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Tell us.

Hold On… Is That It?

We’re glad you asked.

Search for Another Job

Land Your Life’s ultimate goal is to show you a path towards landing your IDEAL life.

For some (likely, many), that means separating yourself from the regular 9-5 corporate career path.

It means finding a way to stop trading your time for dollars. For building a business.

Right now, you may be looking for a job application to a major corporation. You may be looking for information on how to break in to that new career.

And if that’s you, awesome! Again, LYL is the only resource you should need to land that new position.

But, if you’re looking for something more. For something greater.

We truly believe there has been no better time to start your own successful business than now.

Not just the 21st century. Not just this decade. Today.

Does This Sound Like You?

It sounded like us, too.

In 2011, founder of Land Your Life – Robert Kuhns, left the first and only “real job” he would ever have to pursue online entrepreneurship.

Four years later, this website was born to help others do the same thing. To help job applicants & career seekers not only fulfill their immediate career goals, but to set them up for long-term happiness & success through the building of their own businesses.

We have high aspirations for this website. This tribe of LYL’ers. We want to change the world, one new career at a time. One new business at a time.

We’re honored to have you along for this ride.